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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

NOHO Design District: The Future Perfect

The Noho Design District had some great exhibitions this year, including this one at The Future Perfect. The show featured work by Lindsey Adelman, Gabriela Artigas, Matt Gagnon, Lara Knutson, Rich Brilliant Willing, Donna Wilson, and more.

My absolute favorite from the show was Lara Knutson's Reflective series - especially the pendant, which features an LED light that through an optical illusion look like a traditional incandescent lightbulb. The lampshade is made out of a reflective glass fabric that is made up of microscopic glass beads which magnify light 100 times. The effect is pretty amazing.

Lara used the same reflective material in a series of vases and jewelry, but it was hard to get photos that did the pieces justice.

Mark Moskovitz's Log Facecord Cabinet.

Loved the three-dimensional appearance of Sylvain Willenz's Slide Mirror.

Hang On, by Jade Barnes-Richardson for Normann Copenhagen. A coat rack made up of a jumble of coat hangers.

Rich Brilliant Willing's Timberly Hall Rack - made of solid ash or walnut, with two steel, three aluminum and three brass movable pegs.

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