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Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Sherlock Holmes Titles & Credits - Danny Yount

We re-watched Sherlock Holmes and I forgot how amazing the titles and end credits were. The Art of The Title Sequence has an interview with Danny Yount, creative director, that goes into some detail about the process (below) of arriving at the final style (above) and the some of the inspiration behind it. Worth checking out on youtube. Beware of the sequence with some random rock song dubbed over it instead of the original Hans Zimmer composition.


  1. oh i couldn't forget the credits! amazing music and great images! thanks for the link

  2. Mmm, thanks for this! i rewatched this last month and then totally forgot to research the end credits :P my bf and i were wondering if they were hand illustrated, or run through a bunch of filters.

  3. Great post! I remember making my boyfriend wait with me in the movie theater after the movie ended so I could watch all the illustrations go by on the big screen. Love them!

  4. I just watched it last night and thought the same thing! I wonder how a designer gets connected with the movie folks.

  5. that's too funny, I recently re-watched Sherlock Holmes as well a few nights ago and find myself still enamored by the ending credits - beautiful!!! Oh and the film was great too! haha!


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