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Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Grove Made iPhone Cases - Unboxing

We wrote about Grove's iPhone cases a few months ago, and Joe Mansfield was kind enough to send us one of our own. Joe has obviously put a lot of effort and thought into the packaging of the cases, and I thought it would be fun to feature that here.

First off, Joe's green ethos is apparent in the packaging, which is made from manufacturing waste. Wood shavings provide cushioning for the case. Each case is made from a block of 50% FSC bamboo and the waste from the bamboo block is turned into protective shell for the iPhone case. Each order comes with a screenprint of the engraving on the case, and once everything is unpacked, you can use the shell as a frame for the print. Lovely!

Keep in mind that the Grove Made cases are made specifically for the 3G iPhone - it still fits the original iPhone but you end up with a slight gap between the two pieces.

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