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Monday, May 17, 2010

ICFF - Lerival

Lerival is a design house that features furniture made by architects. The Gem Series Table by Atelier Manferdini treats "form as fabric" by taking a series of triangular panels and folding them, creating a set of faceted outdoor tables. An intricate pattern is stamped across each panel.

I thought it would be interesting to see how each architect's built work related to their furniture pieces. Atelier Manferdini's work is new to me, but she is obviously very interested in architectural skins, geometries and patterns, the latter two of which are definitely reflected in her the Gem Series.

The other Lerival pieces that caught my eye were the Kulms Chairs by Miso Soup Design. The two chairs in the series are called One and Two (based on the number of legs, I'm guessing). Nice clean lines, and I appreciate how One is stackable via the folded piece down the center of the chair that becomes the leg.

Much of Miso Soup Design's architectural work seems to center around manipulating a surface, whether it is through folding or excavation or wrapping. The same language is definitely a part of their furniture design.

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