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Monday, May 10, 2010

BKLYN Designs

Other fun BKLYN Designs spottings: Grow House Grow (above), with beautiful, screenprinted wallpapers. What I especially loved were the narratives behind each of the designs - the fly trap wallpaper was named after Mary Treat, an American-born naturalist devoted to the understanding of carnivorous plants. The wallpaper with the silhouetted woman and all of the insects is called Ms. Ward, after Mary Ward, a 19th century illustrator and entomologist, who also has the unfortunate distinction of being the first person to die in an automobile accident.

Angular bamboo shelves by ALSDesigns.

Cool, modern planters by Ram Metals - I love the shapes - they really play with perspective, and appear almost flat depending on the angle you view them from. They were displaying rusted steel versions and colorful powdercoated versions.

What looks like a painting or piece of art from afar is revealed to be a quirky antfarm within a frame. My favorites were the ones that re-purposed existing paintings. The FRAMEicariums were designed by fellow Cornell architecture alum Hugh Hayden (I thought he looked familiar!) and Katie Vitale.

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