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Friday, February 19, 2010

Dynamo - Status - Volume 1

Dynamo sent us a copy of their newly-released book, Status – Volume I, a bilingual (French and English) compilation of what they call the "best of the best" social-networking status updates. Beautifully designed, with each status update given individual design and typographic treatment, Status is as much an elevation of the status update as it is a commentary on our obsession with broadcasting every mundane detail about our lives.

From the preface:
What's Your Status?

...Whatever you type into that seemingly innocuous box will be broadcast instantaneously to every human connection you've ever made: family, friends, colleagues, acquaintances, exes, high school sweethearts, stalkers and frenemies. It's enough to make your fingertips sweat.

And you're not alone. Status feeds have become an unrelenting, virtual mudslide of steady, mind-mushing, lackluster messages that are not only irrelevant for most of us, but are uninspiring and signal a state of boredom and monotony...

In light of the mounting collective contempt for the snoozefest that is the social network "communication" landscape, we were inspired to create this book and felt it our duty to remind you that there is another way...

We hope this book inspires you to write something worth reading the next time you are asked "What's Your Status?"
And I love the dedication: "Dedicated to status junkies everywhere. Without you, this book would have been about something else."

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