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Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Y+M Design - Stairs House

How awesome is this house? Y+M Design designed the Stairs House for two teachers and their children. The roof of the house is one giant set of stairs, which allows light into the house, while still maintaining a private interior. It's a great, playful space - I'm jealous of those kids!

Via Spoon & Tomago.


  1. I love this house! It reminds me of a section of a football stadium (which would be a pleasant thing to me).

    I am guessing that the vertical spaces in between the steps are covered with glass or plexiglass panels that let in light, like windows?

    When I was looking at the photograph of the front of the house, I was re-imagining this house built with blocks of that new, light-transmitting concrete. This would let in a sepulcral natural light in the day, and cause the house to exude a faint light to the outside at night.

  2. Absolutly wonderful house, outside and inside! Great pictures too...

  3. very interesting! loads of natural light


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