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Wednesday, November 04, 2009

National Geographic - Animal Robots

National Geographic has a neat mini-article on aquatic animal robots that take their cue (form and purpose) from real-life animals. Amazing to see how complicated it is to design and build something as simple as a lobster or something that can swim as naturally as a penguin.


  1. This is the coolest thing you have ever posted. If I had known MIT had this kind of research, I would have been a different major!

  2. Wizards of a modern age cast spells of electric power, but the corporate strings that make them dance, lead up to an ivory tower. Robotic slavery is the fate of man if we don't heed the warnings. Aquatic animal robots today, human robots tomorrow. Communism is our only salvation!

  3. Integrating AI, communication, purpose, flocking, then pack forming and evolution of all factors of these exact manmade lifeforms has been the focus of my fiction novel for about a year.


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