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Monday, August 17, 2009

Toy Time!

Hi Subbies! I'm Erin of Design for Mankind and am so thrilled to be joining you this week! I know you'll all miss Anna desperately [I already do!], so I'll try to make this fun for you in the midst of all the anguish you must be feeling.

Today we're talking about toys. I'm a big fan of trinkets and toys and well, generally anything that I have to make other people dust. Kidding. I do the dusting in our house. [I'm lying.]

Anyway, I thought it may be fun to round up a few of my favorite toys around the web. And with my birthday around the corner, there's no better reminder that everyone needs to bring out their inner child every now and then.

Well, except for this guy. He needs to steer clear from his inner child, clearly.

Here we go!:

1. Parachute men via Characters4Kids, $0.30 each
2. Surprise ball via KIOSK, $40
3. TOFU Gum Strawberry via Okidiku, $169
4. Dinosaur Epoch via Uxsight, $9
5. Wild West play set via Amazon, $10

1. FriendsWithYou Blind Box via Mimoco, $7.50
2. UglyWorm via LB Toys, $20
3. Vintage Tin Toy Turtle via iOffer, $25
4. Milky Paper Download via Flickr, $0
5. Tokidoki Sandy Cactus via Open Tip, $21

Off to go play... see you tomorrow!
p.s. Don't forget to check out the Most Awesome Toy in the World [my words, but you'll agree!].

[Erin Loechner is the editor of Design for Mankind and Mankind Mag.]


  1. so fun Erin!!! and so apropo for Su-studio! Good job...nice round-up. Happy almost b'day!


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