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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Going tribal!

I'm feeling super tribal today, and I'm not sure if it's the rain or the wind, or the fact that I've been playing with this name generator all morning (if you're curious, I'm 'Wallowing Beaver' of the Platthumba Tribe).

So naturally, I thought it would be fun to play another round-up game today, full of Native-American-inspired finds from across the web. Won't you join me?

1. Dreamcatcher tee via CryWolf, $30
2. Silk fringe necklace via Urban Outfitters, $38
3. Fabric bowls via Etsy, $30
4. Dante sandal via Endless, $64
5. Native horses silk scarf via Southwest Indian Foundation, $48
6. Oasis folk bangle set via ASOS, $24

1. Dreamcatcher via Retail Gifts, $14
2. Beaded Headwrap via Urban Outfitters, $19
3 Saddle rug via WS Home, $199
4. Marabou feathers via Sheer Finesse, $16
5. Arrowheads via Eaze, $12-$28
6. String Game print via Katy Horan, $40

Pretty, right? Ahh... to live in the land of mountains, deserts and oasis. [I just typed that out as 'desserts' accidentally, but that sounds mighty good, too].

Until tomorrow, my little Subbie chiefs!

[Erin Loechner is the editor of Design for Mankind and Mankind Mag.]

1 comment:

  1. So nice to see you here Erin! Great selections...I think I may need that Silk Fringe necklace-LOVE it.


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