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Friday, August 21, 2009

Rainbow Bright.

Yes, I meant to spell it that way. Because OMG, you guys -- I saw a real live rainbow this morning! And it wasn't one of those pastelly kinds, either. It was big, bold and beautiful. And now I'm thinking colors...

Looks like I'll be saying 'goodbye' to you today as Anna will return Monday morning, but before I go --- a rainbow for you!:

1. Cross and Dot bracelet via De De Ce, $34
2. Yes Frills wall jewelry hanger via Urban Outfitters, $24
3. Postal Co. small notebook via Auto, $12
4. First Aid box via Curiosity Shoppe, $22
5. Domo Qee action figure via Fred Flare, $12
6. Rinse & Chop cutting board via A+R, $15

1. Wastebasket via Jonathan Adler, $24
2. Mad desk lamp via CB2, $70
3. Canvas throw via Auto, $125
4. Porcelain doorstop via Curiosity Shoppe, $20
5. Colored glass tea light via Paper Source, $6
6. Pandora Design cutlery set via Rose and Radish, $19

1. Le Petit Dej breakfast tray via A+R, $92
2. What to Eat pad via Knock! Knock!, $8
3. Duck sponge via Kikkerland, $3
4. Herman chair via IKEA, $15
5. Pac-Man oven mitt via Fred Flare, $18
6. Pop Rocks glass via Jonathan Adler, $14

1. Poachpod via A+R, $10
2. Giant gorilla eraser via Paper Source, $11
3. WeSC oboe headphones via Fred Flare, $65
4. Donna Wilson tea towel via Reform School, $27
5. Bollocks tee via De De Ce, $38
6. Refract laptop bag via Cut+Paste, $86

1. Tulip tumbler via Anthropologie, $8
2. No. 2 Organizer magnets via See Jane Work, $9
3. Dive In Idiom bangle via Kate Spade, $42
4. Bird silhouette hook via Urban Outfitters, $10
5. Staple-free stapler via Fred Flare, $9
6. Blue Diamond clock via Chroma Lab, $75

1. Marc Jacobs flats via Zappos, $200
2. Moroccan pouf via John Derian, $265
3. Capri Blue boxed candle via Anthropologie, $18
4. Dish chair via Target, $34
5. Ronnie Kapos earrings via Auto, $70
6. Bag of Tricks via Perpetual Kid, $15

1. Storage box via Hable Construction, $98
2. Tallula jumping bug via Kikkerland, $6
3. Amethyst bottlestopper via Lille, $44
4. Bowrama Little Louisa bag via Kate Spade, $245
5. SALON coffee table via Property Furniture, contact for pricing
6. Vladmaster Kafka reel set via Reform School, $23

Thanks so much for having me, Anna -- and thanks for welcoming me, Subbies! See you on the other side of the rainbow...

[Erin Loechner is the editor of Design for Mankind and Mankind Mag.]


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