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Thursday, August 20, 2009


No, not the Irish kind. The ziney-zaney kind. That I love in a BIG way. And today, you're getting a big, fat round-up of my favorite pubs of all time. Some are online, some in print, others are books, mooks and journals. All the same, they're Captain Awesomes! Here we go...

1. 42nd Publication Design Annual via Amazon, $84
2. Illustration Play via Victionary, $40
3. Dialogue via Cafe Royal, $14
4. Dumbofeather Pass it On via Dumbofeather shop, $6
5. Plazm via Plazm shop, $25

1. Blanket Magazine via Blanket, $1.99
2. Beautiful Decay via B/D shop, $6.99
3. Threaded via MagNation, $36
4. IdN Magazine via IdN shop, $15
5. Artichoke via MagNation, $47

1. The Wizard's Hat via Analogue Books, $14
2. All Things Ordinary via All Things Ordinary shop, $9
3. Apenest book via Little Paper Planes, $30
4. Journal of Plants via Lines & Shapes, $24
5. 34 Magazine via MagNation, $32

Looks like you have some serious reading to do. Until tomorrow, Subbies!

[Erin Loechner is the editor of Design for Mankind and Mankind Mag.]

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