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Thursday, April 02, 2009

Blanket Magazine - Pass It On

About a month ago Caitlin of Blanket Magazine asked us to participate in a project called Pass It On. She rounded up six artists (apparently she found all of us through the Shiny Squirrel Boutique - thanks, Jessica!) and asked Catherine Ryan to start by drawing whatever she wanted to, the result of which she then passed on to Shawn Creeden, who passed it on to Jess Gonacha, who sent it to Rose Lazar, who sent it to us, who sent it to Jessica White, who finished it off! Whew!

Above is the finished illustration and below is an evolution of the drawing as it went from person to person. Fun times! Thanks for asking us to participate, Caitlin! Check out the new issue of Blanket Magazine for lots of great art and articles - it's free to download.

Catherine Ryan --> Shawn Creeden --> Jess Gonacha (who drew my favorite part of the illustration - the dripping faucet!)

Rose Lazar --> Sub-Studio --> Jessica White (below).


  1. I just love how it came out. thank you for being apart of it. Your work looks amazing

  2. how cool!!! What a collaboration, I love it!!!

  3. LOVE it! Now you should sell them as prints so everyone can enjoy it!

  4. thanks, guys! it was a really fun project...

  5. hey! check out this book (box). i stumbled upon it during college: http://www.amazon.com/Book-Surrealist-Games-Alastair-Brotchie/dp/1570620849 there's a similar game in there!


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