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Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Tal Mor sent over a link to his industrial design studio - Dag-designlab. There aren't many projects up yet, but I love what is there, especially these salt shakers - a pebble-like plastic container holds the salt, and a silicone wrapping hides the plastic - you squeeze the shaker to reveal the holes. Seems like a great way to protect your salt from moisture.

Also nice is his Negev Table - a side table/coffee table that was inspired by the Negev desert.

Finally, Tal's Stopper Postcard - for those of you not satisfied with the post office's cancellation stamp - the sender hits 'start' when the postcard is put in the mail, giving the receiver a way to measure the exact duration of time from when the card left the sender's hands to the moment that the card is in their own hands...unless of course the postman decides to stop the clock first...

More of Dag-designlab's work is available here.

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  1. that postcard is a very nice thing, really like it!


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