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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

John Olson - 70's musicians with their parents

Apartment Therapy found these interesting photos by John Olson in LIFE's archives. John photographed some of the 70's biggest stars with their parents or grandparents. It's interesting to see the generation gap, but would be even more interesting if these were their childhood homes - to get a peek into the environments these iconic musicians grew up in, and to see how that might have influenced their craft. I love the image of Eric Clapton with his grandma Rose, above.

Below (from the top left):
David Crosby with his father, Floyd, in Ojai.
Grace Slick with her mom, Virginia Wing, in Palo Alto (yes, she is holding her daughter upside down!).
Ritchie Havens with his parents, Richard and Mildred, in Brooklyn.
Frank Zappa with his parents Francis and Rosemary in LA.
Elton John, Donovan, and the Jackson Five.


  1. Wait,... the Jacksons lived in the Brady house?

  2. These are great! (Love the upside-down baby.)


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