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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Make Some Green Competition Winners

Keeseh Studio announced the winners of their Make Some Green Competition.

The winning entry was Ecovative Design's "Negative Volume" packaging. "A direct replacement for EPS packaging materials, Negative Volume is an entirely compostable composite. Because it's produced using agricultural byproducts, Negative Volume not only makes use of an existing, sustainable resource stream - once it has delivered your new TV or computer to you safely, you can turn Negative Volume back around and put it to work as an organic fertilizer for your garden. Once you dispose of this packaging material, it will begin to break down immediately, enriching the soil around it."

Runners up:
Contexture Design's Bentwood Coffee Cuffs, made of reclaimed architectural veneer off cuts.
Sarah Turner's Bottle Lights, made from reused plastic drink bottles.
David Gardener's Packaging Lamp, made from paper pulp and designed to eliminate unnecessary packaging.

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