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Friday, October 03, 2008

Lucky and Peer!

Two very exciting things happening recently...The very awesome Jean of Notcot listed us in this month's issue of Lucky Magazine as one of her favorite design blogs, alongside two of our favorites - Designboom and the Wooster Collective. Huge thanks to Jean and Lucky Magazine for the mention!

Also, Peer, a limited-edition book, collaborative art coloring book curated by Renee Garner of Wolfie and the Sneak just came out, and we have an illustration in it! Renee asked 25 artists to contribute: Kate Bingaman-Burt, Will Bryant, Lisa Congdon, Stephanie DosReis, Camilla Engman, Jessica Gonacha, Frances Hawthorne, Abbey Hendrickson, Jennifer Judd-McGee, Sandra Juto, Kelly Lynn Jones, One Good Bumblebee, Puloverchito, Selflesh, Groundwork, Jen Ray, Justin Richel, Julia Rothman, Model Citizen, Heather Smith Jones, Lisa Solomon, Sub-Studio, Something's Hiding in Here, Oh My Cavalier! and Wolfie and the Sneak. Each artist drew a self-portrait for the book, and Renee labored hard to put it all together. After you have contributed to the artwork with your beautiful coloring skills, each print is easily removed for framing. Also, when you're finished coloring in the prints, you can upload your masterpieces to the Peer flickr group.

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