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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Sub-Studio at the NSS

Phew...we're beat after spending all day yesterday and today setting up our booth for the NSS show. Sorry for not posting yesterday - setting up took a lot longer than expected! For the same reasons, there will most likely not be many posts until Thursday. Wish us luck at the NSS - it's our first time! If you're in NYC and are checking out the show, we're booth 2246 - come by and say hi!


  1. I've just returned from NSS as saw your hinge cards on Modish, I am so upset I missed you at the show. I am someone calmed by the fact that I now have your website and can check back in to see what goodies you're cooking up! Hope you have a great show!

  2. Hi Laura! We're sorry we missed meeting you, too - it's a huge show, I was overwhelmed just walking it the couple times that I did...


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