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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Urban Tailor

Jay contacted me about his new company, Urban Tailor, which brings custom tailored casual clothing to the the rest of us. You can choose between three patterns - the hoodie, the bandana jacket, and the asian track jacket. From there you get to design everything else - the fabrics for the interior lining, rib, jacket body, sleeve, and hood, and the details - the thickness of the garment, style of hood, rib length, buttons, zipper, and pocket locations. The only flaw in the process as I see it is not being able to see your design in some form of a rendering as it comes together, but considering the number of design choices you are given, the whole process is remarkably intuitive and straightforward. Urban Tailor also carries a selection of ready to wear hoodies and jackets.

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  1. I realllly love this website. I bought a few things from them. It kinda reminds me of apliiq. Think I heard of them from this site?



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