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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Subliminal: JHill Design

We are very excited to introduce a new feature to the blog: Subliminal, featuring the designers we love and their influences - big and small. Being that I was inspired by this post on Places I Have Never Been - Jennifer Hill of JHill Design's blog, I am excited to feature her in our first Subliminal post.

Jennifer Hill is a Boston-based graphic designer who started JHill Design five years ago. You most likely know her for her paper line called Places I Have Never Been which revolves around drawings of her imaginary vacations. Besides making products, JHill Design also creates logos, websites, etc.

What are you currently working on?
I'm working on a new card collection which follows the Places I Have Never Been theme, but includes holiday, thank you and hello! cards. I'm also wrapping up 12 new patterns for the 2009 calendar.

What are you currently inspired by?
I've been finishing up my new 2008 collection (to be released in May) and there were some great influences. One of the big ones was Balenciaga's Spring collection, all the crazy florals patterns and those great knee high, black and white gladiator sandals. There is a lot of nature in this series and lots of color, maybe it is because of this looooong winter.

What websites can you not live without?
what would tyler durgan do
i suwanee
yourgirlfriendisugly - the funniest blog EVER

What magazine subscriptions do you currently have? (Bonus Q: How many of them do you actually read?)
oh boy.
subscriptions: lucky, domino, sherman's travel, new york, vogue, elle, vanity fair, portfolio, 7x7, gourmet. I know - it's a lot.

I always read new york magazine each week. I don't read lucky and domino that much, I usually go to them when I'm looking for inspiration for something. I adore elle. So I'd say I read 5 out of 10, browse 3 and 2 stay on the shelf til they are needed.

What are your favorite inspirational spots?
Spot 1: in my hammock under a big tree. We are lucky to live on a dead end next to a park in Boston and my hammock lays under a big tree. Of course there are also triple deckers all around me so it isn't that private, but private enough.

Spot 2: my bed. I can lay and look out the window (we have very tall windows) and watch the planes from Logan fly away, I always wonder where all those people are going.

What is your favorite music to work by?

I like a lot of different music. Right now I have been switching between rilo kiely, patty griffith and jay-z. I know, weird.

What books are you currently reading?
animal, vegetable mineral by barbara kingsolver.

Any "inspiring" deadlines coming up?
I'll be showing at the stationary show in May with Sub-Studio!!! Got to finish up that collection...

Thanks so much to Jennifer for being our first in the Subliminal series!

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  1. Jen Hill is bar none one of the most talented people I have ever worked with. This girl is going to go so far!

    And the fact that she is an avid reader of my blog yourgirlfriendisugly.com is, obviously, amazing.



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