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Monday, March 24, 2008

Sarah Van Gameren

I've seen Sarah Van Gameren's work quite a bit over the past few months without knowing that it was hers. I finally came across her Family Tree necklace on Pan-Dan and had to check her website out, which is when I made the connection between Sarah and all these other great projects I've been admiring around the web. Her Family Tree project seeks to represent the lineage of a young client named Runa, and draws its inspiration from 'name-jewel' necklaces.

Some of the other projects I've been admiring: Burn Burn Burn, where Sarah has created a type of paint that can be burned to create a permanent mark on a surface, and the Big Dipper - wax chandeliers that will create an ephemeral, changing light fixture.

PS. Thanks to Desire to Inspire and MSNBC's Clicked for the blog mentions - and hi to all of you who are coming from there!


  1. wow. that necklace is amazing. amazing!!

    by the way...i also love those tyvek boots. i would wear those! they're incredible.

  2. yeah - they're really kind of cool, huh? (the tyvek boots). I love that they look like crumpled up pieces of paper.

  3. Wow - what an incredible necklace. Really lovely stuff.


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