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Friday, February 15, 2008

IKEA sneak peak

IKEA sent us a sneak peak of some products to come this April - here are our favorites:

The KNUBBIG table lamp by Michiko Nakata (above), with floral graphics on clear and frosted glass spheres. We love the bright colors of the GUNVOR fabric by Anna Salander (bottom left) and the very sweet BARNSLIG cushion by Maria Vinka - a pillow for keeping your hands and feet warm. The design and colors of the cushion remind me of kids pajamas.


  1. I got the black clover lamps for my desk at work and love the way they project light on to the wall. Its like having candles on my desk... with less hazard.

  2. I love all the bright colours Ikea come up with. It makes you smile!


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