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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Sheep Market

This might be old news, but I thought it was interesting enough to warrant a mention here. The Sheep Market was an experiment in public art - over a period of 40 days participants in Amazon's Mechanical Turk (Artificial Artificial Intelligence) could draw their interpretation of a "sheep facing left". I love the number of sheep facing right! I wonder how many were intentional? Anyway, The result is a very cool digital mural of sheep drawings. I love the flash interface which shows you line for line how each person drew their sheep. Each worker was paid $0.02 per sheep.

Some stats:
Average time spent drawing each sheep: 105 seconds
Average wage: $0.69/hour
Rejected sheep: 662
Collection period: 40 days
Collection Rate: about 11 sheep/hour
Unique IP addresses: 7599

You can still buy a one-of-a-kind plate block of lickable adhesive stamps complete with a certificate of authenticity for $20.

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