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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

National Geographic - Wildlife Motion Detection Cameras

Ever wonder who is stealing the cheese out of the fridge? These Wildlife Motion Detection Cameras from National Geographic might solve that problem right quick. Triggered by heat and movement, both the 35-mm and digital models of these simplified all-weather cameras take multiple images to capture backyard wildlife. Equipped with a wide-angle lens with 60-degree field of view and two test modes, these cameras will run for 21 days of 24-hour operation before needing fresh batteries. NG makes both a digital (left) and 35mm (right) version for all your cheese-nabber needs. And they are incredibly affordable at $60-$70 each.


  1. those are the coolest thing ever!!! i am finally going to find out what my dog does all day!

  2. My dad and I have been having some trouble with the high res digital nat. geographic critter cam. While it does a great job capturing the shocked face of the newspaper delivery guy our animal pictures come out as white ghosts. Is the camera too close to the feeder at night or can we turn the flash off? We'd love some close ups but are going to move it back six feet tonight to see what happens with the flash. (niko3531@yahoo.com)

  3. Anon - you might try calling NG's customer service: 1-800-437-5521. They should be able to help you figure out what the problem is.


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