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Monday, May 21, 2007

ICFF - Le Klint - Under Cover

The Under Cover light from Le Klint is a great series of fixtures that lets you change the pattern of the interior shade whenever you want. The shell comes in acrylic or glass and the shade is made of plastic. There are 50+ shades available, even some from Marimekko. And the shades can overlap, layer on layer, to create new and more complex patterns. And I am sure you can print your own patterns at home. It is the ultimate home accent for those who have short design attention spans.


  1. oh man, that is so cool! i'm definitely one of those people with short design attention spans; however, i have really gotten into mid-century modern as of late, and it's sticking. regardless, great concept! i work for HGTV, so we know all about changing up the makeshift designs of your pad, with shows like design on a dime, designed to sell, etc. we know how to change things up in a jiffy! Lately i've been really into "BOUGHT & SOLD" (sundays @ 10pm) which is all about the real estate industry and the drama that accompanies it. check it out @ http://web.hgtv.com/webhgtv/images/pac/59889/start_at_home.html?section=boughtsold,panel=videos . what do you think about all these design shows? i loooooooove them.

  2. Hi anon! Thanks for the comment! I actually haven't seen any of those shows you mentioned, but will have to check them out...we're architects by day and when I get home I tend to veg out on law and order...(which you can depended upon to be on some channel somewhere at any time!). Anyway, I think design shows are great – while I don’t always agree with the designs themselves, I'm all for design becoming more a part of mainstream conversation. Anything that educates clients is A-ok in my book.


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