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Monday, May 21, 2007

ICFF - Lighting

Sean and I are dedicating the next few days to highlighting the best of this year's ICFF. There was some great work on display, especially in the lighting category. As an architect, finding good light fixtures can be a really difficult job (there just aren't that many!). I was really impressed with what I saw this weekend. Just an overview (clockwise from top left):

A brooding fixture from Josh Urso Design. Josh creates furniture and lighting fixtures with resin impregnated materials. The Puff light is available in sizes ranging from 9" to 10' in diameter.

Ridgley Studio Works creates lights using the gabion wall system. Interesting!

David Trubridge's Squirt and Twist lights.

Loved the REi Huggable pillow lights by Diana Lin. They are made of silicone rubber and are lit by LEDs.

A creative use of netting by Suhyun Hwang. The Lemon Tree and Orange Tree fixtures, each made with hand folded colored netting.

An old favorite of mine - Niche Modern. Always gorgeous fixtures.


  1. Love the Pillow Lights!! Such an amazing creative idea

  2. I love the pillow lights too! Very creative. Good thinking lighting them with LEDs too, anything else could get quite warm very quickly!


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