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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

OMA at Cornell

OMA + Rem Koolhaas (love that wiki photo), the 3rd office to undertake the $40mil Milstein Hall at Cornell University, recently unveiled his design for the new building for the School of Architecture. I think it's a bad idea for the climate there, it's not easy-breezy California. Ithaca is a barren wasteland of snow and rain, so the sunken plaza is going to quickly fill with dead leaves, water, and slush. When Ithaca is nice out, it's pretty nice, so who would want to spend their time sitting on top of a building when you can sit out on the beautiful Arts Quad, only about 75 feet away?


  1. it'd be nice for the architecture kids; i was there for the summer, and it's mad intense; true, the arts quad is 75ft away, but it's very far if you have an assignment due soon and you just need a little fresh air. it'd be nice to walk across the roof.

  2. sounds like someone is a bit envious of both cornell and rem, haha.

  3. envious of rem perhaps, not that envious of cornell since we both went there.


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