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Friday, May 20, 2011

NOHO Design District: McMasterpieces

The McMasterpieces exhibit was a lot of fun - it reminded me of a project we were given in architecture school - to take six random objects and to create something new from those objects. The designers invited to participate in the McMasterpieces exhibit were asked to use objects from the McMaster-Carr catalog to create new objects. I was most impressed with the objects that used the McMaster-Carr pieces in a totally new way, such as Bec Brittain's Chess Set, which is made up of nuts and bolts, and Karl Zahn's Oil Lamp, which ironically incorporates a fire hose nozzle.

Bec Brittain's Chess Set.

David Weeks' Pendant Light.

Henry Julier's Mesh Bowls, made from polypropylene plastic mesh with nylon snap shank rivets.

Alissia MT's Trivet, made of wood dowels and vegetable tanned leather cord.

Karl Zahn's Oil Lamp.

Timothy Lile's Clocks - even though in the spirit of the McMasterpieces exhibit, these aren't as innovative as the other objects (being that they are just modified clocks), I'm including them anyway, because as finished objects, I really liked them (love the graphic - it reminds me of the retro video game, Arkanoid)!

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