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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Mike Perry: Pulled - A Catalog of Screen Printing

Pulled is a new book put out by the PA Press, compiled and edited by artist Mike Perry. Through a broad range of work by a lot of young artists and designers, Perry explores the many styles of contemporary screen printing.

Sub-Studio got its start in screen printing, so it will always be something that we love, both as a product but also as a process. I did a lot of intaglio printing in college and we started screen printing because it was the only printing we could do out of our tiny apartment here in the city. The biggest adjustment for me was that in screen printing, the screen image is fixed and the final product is always a known outcome (except for monotypes). That distinction makes screen printing seem like more a form of production than an artistic process. But as you can see by the images, the variety of aesthetics - from the highly precise to the more sketchbook collage-y - screen printing can accommodate many styles of work.

The process, explained in only two pages!

Screen printing is one of the most pleasing low-fi printing methods - you can dry emulsion in a closet, burn screens in the bathroom, print on your regular desk, and lay prints out on the living room floor to dry (all of which we have done). Early on, we struggled greatly with our desire for high precision. But screen printing is printing by hand, not by computer, and the end product reflects this connection between the artist and the print. Perry speaks to this in his foreword and we echo his fondness for the DIY process - except for the highly-frustrating early days when we didn't know what we were doing.

Josh Cochran

Cody Hudson

The work selected in Pulled by Perry crosses a broad range of styles - from Josh Cochran's multi-sheet piece printed on found book pages to Cody Hudson's gold and silver and Aesthetic Apparatus' super-collage.

Aesthetic Apparatus

If you're interested in screen printing, Pulled is worth a look to see what is possible. It's not the best for learning the actual screen burning and printing process, but it is a great primer to see what's possible and to view some great work. It's got 43 different artists' work totaling a hefty 256 pages of graphic goodness.

DISCLOSURE: We were given a copy of Mike Perry's Pulled - A Catalog of Screen Printing for review purposes. We were not paid to review this product, and all thoughts and opinions are ours alone.

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