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Friday, May 06, 2011

Mallick Williams - Spectrum Exhibit

I stopped by the Spectrum exhibit at Mallick Williams last week. Spectrum followed the black and white Hueless exhibit (which I covered for Notcot), and embraced bright colors. The show featured the work of Kiji McCafferty, Chor Boogie, Erik Otto, Kate Pane, Word to Mother and Lu Gold.

Half Baked Misplaced Faith, by Word to Mother.

Erik Otto is always a favorite (we've collaborated with him at The Working Proof). He had a bunch of pieces in the show, including a collaboration with Chor Boogie outside of the gallery (below). Char Boogie painted the wall space, and Erik built a series of houses from reclaimed materials that were being discarded from some construction next door.

A new discovery for me was Kate Pane - I really fell in love with the childhood imagery and amazing colors that she uses. Her work is gorgeous in person!

Finally - some fun details from the exhibit - colorful cookies and sunglasses to go along with the colorful art!

Thanks to Mallick Williams for some of the photos!

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