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Friday, April 15, 2011

Review: Sony Ericsson MS430 Speaker Stand

Sony Ericsson recently came out with the Sony Ericsson MS430 Speaker Stand. Based purely on it as an object, it's beautiful - sleek and portable, with a brushed aluminum exterior. It's battery operated, which in my book is a plus and a minus - there are no cords to muddy up the aesthetic or get in the way of its portability, but the batteries only last about 12 hours, so you will be replacing them fairly often.

Functionally, it's super simple to use and works with any device that has a 3.5mm connector, and at $30 (found it available for pre-order here, or through Sony Ericsson's website for £28.99), it's affordable. I usually find that inexpensive portable speakers sound tinny, but the MS430 actually sounds very good. We attempted to demonstrate the difference between the iPhone playing by itself (which does have that tinny sound), and the iPhone playing through the MS430 speaker. Finally - as an added bonus - the speaker doubles as a stand, which is handy for watching movies.

[Review] Sony Ericsson MS430 Speaker Stand from Sub-Studio on Vimeo.

DISCLOSURE: We were given the Sony Ericsson MS430 Speaker Stand for review purposes. We were not paid to review this product, and all thoughts and opinions are ours alone.

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