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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Christian Gideon - What If You Lived At IKEA?

Christian Gideon got in touch about a fun project that he and his friends pulled off at an IKEA in Dallas - they photographed themselves as though living in the mock IKEA rooms. This all supposedly happened during store hours. You could never pull this off in the New York IKEAs, but I guess the Dallas IKEA is less crowded (and therefore a more pleasant place to shop)! Anyway, I enjoyed the fabricated domesticity captured in the photos, and like that if not for the occasional sales tag, you might not know that this isn't just someone's very IKEAish home...


  1. Really funny stuff. They should use this as a commercial

  2. a french artist has done that and even filmed it in 1999 but internet was not so much present...
    thanks for your blog.


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