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Tuesday, January 04, 2011

The Working Proof: Luke Jinks - Fallen Warrior

For our first print of the year, we are proud to present Luke Jinks' beautiful Fallen Warrior print, an illustration from a recent body of work Luke completed around the Native American tale of 'The White Horse', which tells the story of maiden who was sought after by many brave warriors:
There were two suitors who led the rivalry for her hand, a Cree chief from Lake Winnipegosis and a Sioux chief from Devil's Lake. The girl herself favored the Cree warrior, and when the warrior brought a beautiful white horse from Mexico as a gift for her father, he agreed to the marriage.

On the day that they were due to be wed, the Sioux chief gathered his army and went to retrieve what he believed to be rightfully his. Upon the sight of the Sioux chief and his army, the two lovers mounted their horses and fled onto the western plains where they hid amongst the prairie bluffs. It appeared that they had lost the Sioux chief and his war party, but once they were on the plains again, the beautiful white horse was visible for miles, and the war party soon found them. A rain of arrows fell upon the fleeing lovers, and the warrior and his bride fell dead from their horses. They say that the soul of the white horse continues to haunt the prairie to this very day.
Luke's work is strongly influenced by folklore and tales from the past, and he often chooses to ignore perspective in order to create a 2D aesthetic in his work. He uses bold colors and pattern within his illustrations, often painting the ground in a repetitive pattern, or the sky in an unusual color, in order to give his illustrations the dreamlike feel that so many folktales have.

Luke chose to pair his print with The Pablove Foundation, because of their work with children with cancer. Read our interview with Luke here, and buy the print here.

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