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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Edward Burtynsky - Railcuts

Edward Burtynsky's photos from his Railcuts series are amazing.
His imagery explores the intricate link between industry and nature, combining the raw elements of mining, quarrying, manufacturing, shipping, oil production and recycling into eloquent, highly expressive visions. The natural landscapes appear so strong and solid, yet humans have left their mark through railroad and quarry cuts.
The body of work is beautiful - check it out here. The Big Think recently conducted an interview with Edward, too, which you can watch here.

Via Rachel Hulin.


  1. these photos are amazing....the top ones almost look like the Feather River Canyon in CA and the beauty in the bottom photo of the quarry is beyond words...stunning...

  2. i love that this series is called railcuts! so apt. the man-made structures look diminutive against the majesty of rock and trunks, but at the same time really making their presence felt with their sharp, clean, powerful "slashes"!


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