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Tuesday, October 05, 2010

The Working Proof: Lisa Solomon - Pilot Wheel Doily Wall Decals

We are so thrilled to welcome Lisa Solomon to The Working Proof's roster of artists. This week's print is somewhat different from our usual offering, in that Lisa created three beautiful doily designs that you can install in your own home (on the wall, window, floor, a piece of furniture - the sky is the limit!).

Lisa's Pilot Wheel Doily Wall Decals were inspired by a large installation that she did in the Fine Arts Building at San Francisco State University. Lisa has been doing doily installations for quite some time, usually silk-screening or hand painting them onto walls and windows herself. In making these Pilot Wheel Doilies, she wanted the designs to look hand-drawn, as this is a huge part of her thought process and execution, creating a nice tension between the machined process that produces the doilies and the handmade appearance of the designs.

Each wall decal set includes three doilies made from Exhibition 631 Orcal vinyl (two in a sky blue color and one in key lime green), and includes a signed certificate of authenticity. 15% of the sale of this print goes to the 826 National, which Lisa chose because she believes that fostering creativity in children is crucial. Buy the doily decals here, and read our interview with Lisa here.

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