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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Chad Person - RECESS Bunker

This is a pretty incredible diy project by artist Chad Person. Drawing on paranoia and too many post-apocalyptic movies, Chad decided to build a real-deal shelter, tools, traps, filtration, and energy supplies. According to the article, he could probably survive a zombie apocalypse. Tools like an automated sentry, homemade shotgun, solar panels, daylight filters for plant growth, and maps of nearby resources enable Chad to live pretty comfortably.

See more at Chad's site.

The video below shows his shotgun design. It could use some refinements, but it's got a Tom Sachs sort of feel, except that it works and isn't made out of foam core.

via Asylum

1 comment:

  1. REALLY interesting video! The idea of building a shelter like this is actually quite intriguing, which I suppose is strange given the only time you'd need to use it, but still, love a project!

    Savile Joe


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