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Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Brendan Ravenhill - Wooden Bottle Opener

Brendan Ravenhill designed this Wooden Bottle Opener. It's a purpose-built object, it opens bottles with the use of a block of wood, a nail, and a magnet. It reminds me of a great compliment used by a professor of ours from school - the best things are simple but not simplistic.

Available through the Moma or Areaware.


  1. word up guys ?!?! nice pick up . this is an good of friend of mine. check out his website for some hot lamps also ! i hope you're both well !!
    - Andrei

  2. pretty cool. im going to make my own out of old hockey sticks.

  3. This is Great! It made me laugh. How do you find these things. This is such a creators idea. I picture a party without a bottle opener, that does happen to have a block of wood and a nail. Just guessing.
    This however is not just a block of wood with a nail; it is a beautifully crafted block of wood with a well bent nail!

  4. i found it through suspectid, he's a friend from school and brendan is an old friend and roommate of his.


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