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Friday, August 13, 2010

Kid Robot 2010 Dunny Series

I love these two figures in the 2010 Kid Robot Dunny Series, especially the ketchup bottle by Sket One (apparently there is a limited edition of 10 mustard bottle Dunnys, too!). The balloon head Dunny is by Travis Cain.


  1. Hey there, really interesting blog I liked the Follow the leader project. We may send a drawing, some good line-up of artists.

    Anyways, just a quick correction in your post. This 2 Dunnys are not from Artoyz they are part of the Kidrobot's Dunny Series 2010. The ballon one is a creation of american artist Travis Cain (you almost got it right!;)

    Hope this post was useful and keep up with the nice blog!

  2. Thanks, Cris! Appreciate the info! I updated the post...


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