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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Working Proof: Stacey Rozich - A Day's Catch

Stacey Rozich is a super awesome illustrator whose body of work explores the history of folklore in Eastern European and Native American cultures. I love the print that we just released through The Working Proof - A Day's Catch, which depicts a beastly forest spirit being lashed down by women hunters. In Stacey's words:
This was a departure from my portraits, where I spend my time figuring out harmonious patterns in their clothing and creating striking masks. With this piece, I’ve begun to shape an account of human relationship with animals, nature, and spirituality. I imagined terrifying spirits living in a land that has been newly inhabited by hunters - people who revere and yet want to conquer these uncontrollable beings that exist around them. The beasts are spiritual incarnations that have a symbiotic relationship with the forests, the trees, and the roots. I’m not sure that it is immediately clear, but the hunter that is standing up is pointing to the beast’s head, where a sapling is beginning to grow, almost as a sign that they’ve caught something much bigger than they could ever imagine. It also gave me the chance to paint in texture to the beast’s body, which I enjoy very much.
15% of each print sold benefits Puppies Behind Bars. See our interview with Stacey here, and buy the print here.

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