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Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Lufdesign - Leaf Ties

Truly lovely Leaf Ties by Lufdesign. I would love to use these on my cables and other random household objects.

Via Yanko.


  1. I like that they are donating a portion of the profits to green organizations but it makes me wonder if they used bioplastic to make these.

    Aside from that, these look really fun!

  2. What kind of plastic have they used? The website doesn't mention anything. Do ask and post here.

  3. Wrote to Mr Wang, the design director of LuftDesign. He says he is experimenting with several bio-degradable materials but for now it is Nylon and the colour is hand-done. He is also looking for distributors.

  4. hey guys! thanks so much for looking into all of this additional info about the Leaf Ties...it's nice to know that they are looking into bio-degradable materials...


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