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Thursday, April 08, 2010

Nervous System - Xylem

Nervous System came out with a new jewelry line a little while ago - Xylem. The designs are less abstract than most of their previous lines, being based on the process of vein formation in leaves.

The process behind the Xylem design:
"While scientists are not certain why venation patterns form the way they do, the leading hypothesis is that transport of the plant hormone auxin is the driving force. Auxin is produced in the growing portion of the leaf. As it is transported from cell to cell, a positive feedback mechanism ensures that it is more likely to flow where it has flowed before, like water progressively digging a trench in soil to form a channel.

Xylem takes this method of growth and tests its boundaries, changes its context. We both show the breadth of possible patterning and create impossible, unnatural forms combining the geometric and the organic."


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