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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Kristine Bjaadal

Spotted Kristine Bjaadal's work over at Omami, and now she's one of my new favorites...The idea behind her Underfull Tablecloth isn't particularly new, but I love the subtlety of her designs. The tablecloth looks like a traditional floral damask at first, but when made wet it reveals a beautiful pattern. I love what Kristine says about the product:
Sooner or later someone is bound to spill, but where this person usually feels clumsy and embarrassed, he will now feel fortunate. An everyday negative situation is turned into a positive experience.

Some stains, like red wine, are hard to wash out and might leave vague colour traces after washing. But since these traces will be formed as figures, the tablecloth will not look stained. The figures will form a pale, shadowy pattern that will grow as the tablecloth is being used and spilled on over time.

This creates stories and can contribute in giving the tablecloth sentimental value – important in a society where we seem to have an increasingly superficial relation to the objects we surround ourselves with.

The concept allows a great collection of patterns. Different patterns will tell different stories. In the prototype, butterflies spread out over the woven floral pattern – creating a layered image. The butterfly pattern resembles the tablecloth itself; butterflies always come as a surprise, they are soundless and suddenly come into view, as if out of out of thin air. They go through a tremendous metamorphosis; starting out as rather dull caterpillars, changing into beautiful, colourful, playful butterflies. A butterfly seems to be free and happy, but at the same time fragile and transient – just like the pattern of the tablecloth.

Also lovely is Kristine's Undertone Decor tableware - just a simple tone on the back produces a beautiful hint of color.

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  1. The Underfull Tablecloth is a wonderful idea :o)
    i really love it - Andrea


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