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Friday, April 09, 2010

Ivanka - Living Covering

IVANKA is debuting their 'Living Covering' project at the SaloneSatellite. Inspired by both the city grid and the moss that finds its way through the concrete, Living Covering is a decorative modular slab with premade niches for moss to grow within. It's a pretty way to add interest to a facade. This project actually reminds me of Anna Garforth's Sporeborne project, where she uses moss to create graffiti on walls.


  1. This is beautiful how can the product be purchased.

  2. bettyborakim@gmail.comApril 15, 2010 12:55 AM

    cool - just saw this:
    sort of a connection there~

  3. betty - definitely! is that a new project by DHS?

    trish - I'm not sure how they are distributing this product but I'm sure if you email the folks at IVANKA they can help you out...

  4. It can be purchased directly from IVANKA: www.ivanka.hu
    or NOA Showroom in Milano, via Andrea Ponti 4.



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