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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Working Proof: Vasco Mourao - Unfolded

Hello, architecture-lovers! You're going to love today's print edition - Unfolded, by Vasco Mourao. Vasco is an architect and illustrator in Barcelona, Spain. He splits his time between the two disciplines (tricky, as some of you might know), but one definitely influences the other.

Unfolded was originally commissioned as an 11.5' by 33' mural for a bar in Porto, Portugal. The mural was partially based on the city of Porto, becoming an unfolded city with different elements of Porto, always drawn with the same horizon line as the reference. These images really don't do the print justice - it is an incredibly detailed drawing; almost obsessive. You can literally spend hours studying all of the different shapes, patterns and ornaments and still discover new elements every time you look at it. This is our dimensionally largest edition yet - 13" tall by 38" wide, so that you can see all of the details in their full glory. Check out some closeups below. It took Vasco six weeks to produce the original drawing - two weeks to sketch through the layout and four to produce the final image.

15% of the gross sale of this print goes to Médecins Sans Frontières. You can buy the print here, and read our interview with Vasco here.


  1. Woah that is some intense detail. So beautiful. Thanks for bringing so many stunning pieces to my inbox guys! Makes my day.

  2. wow - that looks like it took a lot of work.

  3. six weeks worth! :)

    jenna - thanks for the kind word!


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