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Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Bodum - Color Collection

I think I will always be a fan of what Bodum puts out. They took a super color turn last year and it continues this year. These remind me of when I was a a little kid. Each member of our family had cups that were color-coded. Mine were orange, my brother's yellow, my parents' two shades of red. Except ours were Rubbermaid and you could toss them into the sink without a worry, I don't think these would pass that test. But they are great anyways.


  1. I want to like their stuff but I hate how prominently they put their name onto stuff. big BODUM lettering is lame.

  2. This might be a great first drinking glass for my toddler. Hopefully, it won't break if she tosses it on the floor.

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