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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

MIAIM - Clearview Dollhouse

No, my friends, what you are looking at here is not a house that you can live in yourself, but a house that only your dolls can fit in! Elaine Shaw of MIAIM Miniature Design & Architecture designed this modern dollhouse for her daughter and then decided to turn her design into a business. Not only can you get the house (for approx $636), you can also buy all kinds of crazy accessories for your doll's modern living - tv, fireplace, modern art, a mini "MBox" and controller, a toilet with a push button (Happy D style!), even HOLIDAY DECORATIONS! I'm kind of bowled over by all of the accessories she has made to go along with the house.

Via Shelter Pop.


  1. Ok so yes a bit over the top but I have to admit it is pretty spetacular. One thing of many I love are the folding barstools. I wonder if there are big girl and boy versions of these?

  2. Without the first picture and the explanation - no one can tell that this is a doll house. Elaine Shaw can definitely join Hollywood for making models. I am thinking the next Starship Enterprise.


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