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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Kim Kyung Soon - Korean Vogue

How gorgeous are these photos by Kim Kyung Soon for Korean Vogue?

Via Style Files.


  1. Oh. These images are amazing. I don't think I even knew there was a Korean Vogue.

  2. These are just lovely. And I find it interesting that they are showing off their socks and shoes. Why is that? Is it something to do with Korean culture?

  3. These images are simply beautiful... the colours of "han'-bo'k" along with the models haircut reminds me of bygone days of Korea in 1930s through 1950s. I believe the photographer, Mr.Kim, has been inspired to "recapture" the simplicity and rustic look of "han'-bo'k".

  4. Oh! one more thing...the reason the models are showing off their socks & shoes are because the models "pose" are inspired from the 20th Century Korean paintings (1920~1950s) The painting images of Korean women farmers rolled up their skirts to be able to work out in the fields, near the streams or carrying lunches to others on their head. Also, the "pose" might have been inspired from the photos that was taken during the Japanese Occupation period (1910~1945)

  5. The great photographers have always been inspired from other artists - like, Robert Doisneau, Henri Cartier-Bresson been inspired by the art work of Millet, Corrot, Delacroix, Caillebotte, Degas... seeking artistic inspirations and yet, incorporating the photographers unique point of views. Carry Grant said..." One pretends to do something, or copy someone or some teacher, until it can be done confidently and easily in what becomes one's own manner."

  6. Anon - thanks so much for the input on historical Korean traditions - much appreciated!

  7. You're very welcome! Anna -

    Translation: ( Korean to English )

    Han' = "Korean" ( No relations to Chinese "Han" )

    Bo'k = "Dress"

    Han'-Bo'k = "Korean Dress" ( Men's + Women's )

    Dae' = "Great"

    Han' = "Korean"

    Min = "People" / "Republic"

    Goo'k = "Nation"

    Dae' Han' Min-Goo'k = "The Great Han Republic Nation" / "The Republic of Korea"( South )

    or, Han'-Goo'k = "Han'-Nation" / "Korea" (short version) "Korea" comes from "Koryo" dynasty (AD918~1392) "Coree" in French, "Corea" in Spanish & Portuguese? Dutch?? "Japan", Japon, in French, Spanish from "Nippon or Ni-Hon". "China", Chine, in French, Spanish from "Ch'in" dynasty (255~204B.C.)

    Mie = "Beautiful"

    Goo'k = "Nation"

    Mie-Goo'k = "Beautiful Nation" / "America"

    Mie = "Beautiful"

    Hop'-Joong = "United"

    Goo'k = "Nation"

    Mie Hop'-Joong Goo'k = "Beautiful United (States) Nation"/ "The United States of America"

  8. I really like the short hair style in connection to the Korean stylish clothing...As a cat person, the love the one with kittens around... By the way, I have them posted in my site too. I will mention your site as courtesy

    Nice photos. cheers!!

  9. Dear Anna,

    I fell in love with these stunning images by Kim Kyung-Soon. I'm considering to get a copy of this particular Korean Vogue issue featuring these beautiful photo layouts. Do you know from which month issue these images have been published?

    Much appreciated and with kind regards,

    Tony a.k.a. Anonymous


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