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Friday, February 12, 2010

Itamar Burstein - Flex Furniture

Beautiful, two-tone Flex furniture by Itamar Burstein. Via Designboom:
"In his 'Flex' series, Israeli designer Itamar Burstein creates furniture designs using a new technique to achieve curvature in wood. In contrast to traditional methods whereby wood is steamed, shaped in a mould and dried, Burnstein uses a more simplified process. He removes a core piece from the larger piece of wood. the two pieces are then glued together using pressure. in doing so, he reduces the amount of tools, energy and time taken by traditional production methods."


  1. These very well proportioned chairs deserve a comment. They look comfortable and are appealing to the eye. I sense that they are also lightweight and sturdy.
    As for the method, it sounds like ordinary bent lamination, which is nothing new, I use it all the time. You can see some lamination on the chair backs. Done properly, a laminated shape has great longevity.

  2. This technique is cool. Looks good to.

  3. I agree with John Blunt. Very appealing to the eye. I like the 4th picture where you can really value the steamed wood and design.


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