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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Doernbecher Collection

The Doernbecher Collection is an inspiring one. The shoes are definitely by kids: full of freedom and wonder, and absolutely lacking any adult cynicism or restraint. From OSHU:

Doernbecher Freestyle was created in 2004 when Doernbecher Foundation board member Michael Doherty invited one of Nike's shoe designers to take a tour of the hospital. It was designer Marcus Tayui's vision to see patients design shoes with the proceeds benefiting the hospital that in many cases has saved their lives.

Part of the program involves a launch party held in September where more than 300 business and community leaders come together to see the shoes, bid on a limited pair and meet the patients/designers in person.

Now in its sixth year, this extraordinary program has raised nearly $2 million for the hospital, which uses the funds for everything from clinical programs and hospital construction to providing care for uninsured children. This year's patient designers come from Doernbecher's cancer, neurosurgery, cardiac surgery and nephrology programs.

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