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Friday, January 08, 2010

Art in a Box

Art in a Box has an interesting business idea - they are an art subscription service, featuring Bay Area artists. Each month subscribers receive a new work of fine art by a different local artist. Subscribers can indicate a preference in mediums, but not the artist or piece. All artwork is contained in an 11"x17"x3" box along with the artist's bio. Subscriptions are $30/month for pick up only, or $50/month which includes shipping and a bonus piece. Cool idea, right? Shown above are works by Jeanne Lorenz and Shannon Ingraham.


  1. shannon ingraham = www.singraham.com

  2. Thanks, Shannon! much appreciated.

  3. wow, great idea! i like how the subscription model makes it more of a regular thing than just a one-off purchase.


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